How to Get Your Gigs Listed Online

Independent musicians will often search for the most effective way on how to sell music.marketing_your_band That’s just the independent musician’s way. But there are proven methods to become financially successful. The best way to show your audience what your band is really about is playing for them live. With a bit of determination and savvy use of the Internet, you can get people to your gigs.

Gone are the days of poorly printed, multicolored flyers promoting your band’s upcoming show. Sad in way, but it is something of musical yesteryear. So the question now is how to sell music in a new, digital age of promotion.  A live performance offers your audience not only music, but your band’s personality and presence, not to mention a passed around contact sheet and ticket sales.

Unless you’re a Mouseketeer, successful musicians are organically created by getting people in the front row. But how do you get these people to your shows? Promote, promote, promote. And there are sure-fire methods to having your gigs listed online. Well, hey, at least we’re saving trees.

Social Media

According to a 2010 study by Nielsen, a leading global research company, it showed that 35 percent of social media users find new bands through this platform.

If your band does not have a “fan page,” get one! There is no easier way to post your band’s gig than to create an “event” that will go to all of your family, friends and fans detailing the when, where and why. This is a fairly obvious method, but it is, by far, the easiest and most productive method for independent musicians. Remember, do not overdue it. A constant barrage of messages will just annoy people. You need to know how to sell music without reminding everyone you’re doing it.

Join Forums

The Internet is full of independent musicians all promoting their band. But at the end of the day, this is a strong community that can help you get your gigs listed online. Every major city or region in the country has numerous forums dedicated to live music. Whether it’s through a local/regional music publication or an independent music forum, join the forum weeks before your gig, post your gig, make friends (repeat…friends) with the other participants and see what connections you can make.

Making friends with other musicians, especially on foreign soil, can really help your gig get posted on heavily traveled local sites. Some of these localized websites’ only job is to post upcoming live music. Make contact. Localized gig listings can bring you a new audience, and don’t forget about the Craigslist music forum.


Begin an active band blog and incorporate different venues and other band links in it. Musicians and venues love to cross-promote because everyone is using new platforms on how to sell music. Link to them in your blog, and make sure event promoters have your gig listed on their website. Good ticket sales are a mutual benefit. Work with other bands as well, linking to their band’s content as they link to your band’s blog. It’s simply a new audience for all that stay connected and an easy way to have your gigs listed online.

Due Diligence

By far the best way to get your gigs listed online is to work at it. Just like printing and handing out flyers, it takes some effort. But with the countless ways you can work with the three aforementioned methods, you can get your audience in the front row.

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