Apps to Help You Keep Track of Your Spending on the Road

songcast_appsAs we discussed in a recent post, there are hidden expenses to taking your band on the road. A good way to help manage a tight budget while touring is to download apps designed to help you keep track of your spending and cut down on costs. Here is a sampling of the many different finance and cost-cutting apps out there that might appeal to a touring act looking to keep a close eye on spending.

Mint (iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet)
One of the more widely-used and highly-rated personal finance apps on the market. Reminds you to pay bills, alerts you when irregular spending occurs and funds get low and has eye-pleasing graphics and charts to make it easier to manage your money.
Price: free

Pageonce (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone)
A competitor to Mint with an extra that might appeal to touring acts: not only do you receive bill alerts, you can also pay the bill directly from the Pageonce app for a small charge. A nice perk to have when you’re on the road and don’t have stamps or envelopes handy.
Price: free; $0.30 cents per bill payment

GasBuddy (Android, iPhone, Blackberry)
Find the cheapest gas prices anywhere you travel with this app. GasBuddy will show you where the nearest gas stations are and their prices. Earn reward points for prizes for every gas price you report.
Price: Free

(iPhone, iPad; soon available for Android and WinPhone7) Keeping track of receipts is a must when managing your finances, but that can be difficult on the road. ReceiptLoader makes it a lot easier, especially when tax time comes. It’s designed for people who travel and can even take pictures of receipts to download later, in case you lose the hard copies.
Price: free to download; one month free trail; monthly subscription plans start at $7.

BandLoot (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android)
Not exactly an app, per se, but worth mentioning, BandLoot is an online money tracker designed especially for musicians. You can create an account and add other band members, so everyone’s on board with expenses and everything is transparent. You can also make your account accessible on your iOS and Android devices. BandLoot basically takes all the features of other popular online personal finance money trackers and tailors them to fit a band.
Price: free

Lemon (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone)
Lemon advertises itself as a “smarter wallet” for your smartphone. It organizes and stores credit card info, receipts and coupons, as well containing features to help manage and keep track of expenses. For a monthly fee, the Lemon PRO app allows an ad-free experience with unlimited scanning and storing of receipts and expense tracking for up to five people, perfect for a band.
Price: free; Lemon PRO $9.99 a month

Your bank?
Most major banking institutions now have apps to help keep track of accounts, manage budgets and pay bills. If your band has a dedicated account, check to see if an app is available from your bank.

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