What Makes a Tweet (more) Sharable?

Using social media isn’t just for fun. As an indie artist it’s about building relationships with potential and existing fans that will hopefully support you for the long haul. It’s about building your following and your fan base, and sharing content on a regular basis as a means to consistently keep your name out there.

If you are creating content and sharing it on Twitter (you should be), then you’ll want to make your Tweets as sharable as possible. The more fans that see your Tweets, the more chances you have that they’ll share it.

But how? Here are some tips that wtwitter-community-600ill help make your Tweets more shareable:

  • Headlines: Make them matter. You only get one chance to grab the reader’s eye, so make it good one. How-to’s, statistics and puns are all headlines that can make your Tweet stand out. Be creative, but above all, be concise!
  • Hashtags: Use hashtags (for example, #nyc, #music) to tap into specific communities and readers. Think about your genre, your city, and more. Check out Hashtags.org for more ideas.
  • Timing: If you have something to share, consider when your audience will be around to read it. If your demographic is on the East Coast, think about the best time to share – is it during the work day or at night? Also consider sharing your content more than once to hit different audiences and ensure that your fans don’t miss out.
  • Include other users: If you’re sharing a recent news article about your show review, remember to include the Twitter handle of the news outlet to ensure that they see it, and in the hopes that they retweet it. Same goes for sharing news about collaborations with other artists (include their handle), and other cross marketing initiatives. The more, the merrier. 

Tell us what you think! Have you had a Tweet that became exceptionally shared? What was the key?

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