Dottie’s Tip on Your SongCast Music Page

For this installment of Dottie’s Corner I want to address the SongCast Music Page. Every account can create their own public profile, or Music Page. You can not sell directly from your page, but it can be added to your Facebook Page. You can include up to 3 tracks from any album in your account to be played by visitors, include a link to your own website, a profile image, biography, collect fan e-mail addresses etc.

We have made it simple to add your SongCast Music Page to your Facebook Page. You first need a personal Facebook account. When you are on the log in screen for Facebook, you will see at the bottom: Create A Page. You can pretty much make a page about anything you like, but I suggest making one for your band. Now when you are logged into your SongCast account and you click on Music Page, you can select add to facebook and it will be a piece of cake.

I can not stress the importance of utilizing your Music Page. To give you an example, the other night I was listening to SongCast Radio, checking out one of the Spotlight shows. I was viewing the play list for the show and wanted to check out the profile of an artist that I just loved. Looking down the list I saw every artist on the show had the Music Page icon except for the artist I wanted to find out more about.

Don’t stop a potential fan in their tracks! Make it easy for them to find out more about you and your music!

The SongCast Music Page is a wonderful way to showcase your band and an absolute must to use in combination with SongCast Radio.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading, and I will be back soon.


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    Am a producer

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    Is a prodcer making groove

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