“I Love You, Man!” – How to Make Your Fans Your Disciples

Music Distribution If you’re an indie musician waiting to “get discovered,” it’s time to wake up and smell the internet. Those days are over! In this age of virtual interactivity and unrestricted two-way communication, your popularity is entirely up to you. While uploading music to iTunes is a great way to get fans to like you, you want their love – their irrational, passionate, undying love.

Follow SongCast’s rules to create raving fans, and you’ll never be dropped while crowd surfing again.

First and foremost, it’s about them, not you. Being a musician takes more than just time uploading music to iTunes, it requires real, personal relationships. Don’t mention “the price of gas these days” while pitifully begging them to buy your new band sweatshirts. It’s uncomfortable and off-putting, and won’t win you any favors. In every instance of communication between you and a fan, focus on what you can do for them. Treat them like gold – they’ll love you for it.

Give them incentives (like free hugs after every show) or post a nice comment on a fan’s profile picture – the more thoughtful and personal your interactions, the harder they’ll fall. So often, virtual interaction via Twitter or blogs feels impersonal. Your sincerity and consideration will mean the world your fans, creating real relationships without much footwork on your part.

Above all else, distribute awesome content. Besides making sure to upload music to iTunes as soon as it’s melodically perfected, use other platforms to spread truly engaging material. You want your devotees to really get to know you, so they’ll feel personally connected to your music and your band. If you enjoy writing, try blogging; if you know you’re gorgeous, create video content. Your cool, valuable (and preferably weekly) content will keep them interested in what you’re up to, positively impacting their lives until they worship you.


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