What Musicians Can Learn From Bruno Mars


Most musicians have a particular style or image they portray, and this isn’t something that typically forms entirely based on a unique idea. Rather, a musical inspiration – or several – tends to sway your desire to have a certain sound or look. There’s more to it than just blending tones, styles, and images, however. Sometimes, it’s about the way your musical inspiration handles business, fans, and the industry as a whole.

One individual who stands out in multiple ways in today’s music industry is Bruno Mars. Any musician can learn a great deal from the way he conducts himself as a whole, as well as the music he produces and the way he works in the industry.

Social Media Works

Bruno Mars maintains both a Twitter and Facebook account, and his Facebook alone has over 27.5 million ‘likes’. It’s not just about creating a page someone can ‘follow’, however. Updating your accounts on a regular basis, whether with information on your next show, a picture from rehearsal, or an event you attended as part of your band, keeps your followers up to speed and interested. This means that you build expectation in your fan base, which leads to anxiousness for new music from you. Ultimately, you can build a following online that is even larger than the audiences you could bring in at any venue.

Interpreting Style and Working with Others

Bruno Mars is a great example of a musician who was inspired by his favorite music to help him find his own personal style. Of course, you don’t want to be a mirror image of your musical influences, but Mars has taken some of what he likes and interpreted it in his own fashion. On top of that, Mars’s stands out for his collaboration with other artists. By spending time jamming with others, he broadened his horizons and was able to create his own sound based on elements he took from those artists’ playbooks. You should consider working with other musicians, as these can turn into a musical inspiration for you that can lead to a whole new outlook on your own style.

Hard Work

One of the greatest things you can learn from artists like Bruno Mars is a work ethic. This artist didn’t get where he is today by waiting around for opportunity to fall into his lap. He’s been pursuing a musical career path since he could walk, starting out with stage performances from the time he was three. By getting out there and doing everything you can to make new contacts and set up performances, you are making it happen for yourself, and that’s the style that gets you somewhere in the music industry.

Think Outside the Box

Bruno Mars doesn’t limit himself by genre. With eclectic taste of his own, he blends reggae, doo-wop, rock, and other styles into his own music to create a unique sound that anyone can recognize as solely his. If you can think a little outside the box to find your own personal flavor without adhering to industry labels, you are much more likely to get somewhere in the music industry.

As far as having a musical inspiration to look up to, Bruno Mars is by far a great role model. Following examples like his can really aid you in getting your foot in the door, creating a sound that you love and will sell, and conducting yourself in a way that can be admired.

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    Times_Red 26 / 03 / 2013 Reply

    Talented boys’ band from London, Times Red, just released their first EP! It features 5 tracks that in style and manner are very close to Bruno Mars. Come and join band`s Twitter page – @Times_Red. Be sure to find and listen to them on youtube or their official website. You are welcome to download their EP “Just No Good For Me” from iTunes.

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    morgan 19 / 05 / 2013 Reply

    he is giving you alot of things to say about bruno mars im doing this paper and im so tired right now copy now lawd i really to finish this no phone no texting no boyfriend but ugh this page and this need help me with this bruno mars paper cause im so tired ands sleep nun to do i miss tre young lol my boyfriend :)

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