SongCast Success Story: Mo Thugs Records and Guillermo Big Caz Eiland

In addition to providing resources and services to help promote and distribute your music, SongCast is introducing SongCast Success Stories. You will be able to learn tips and tricks from these fellow SongCast users which you can use to be successful with SongCast, too!  Producer, Guillermo Big Caz Eiland, is a successful SongCast user.  Check out his SongCast profile after reading what he has to say about SongCast!

What convinced you that SongCast was the right service for
Something I learned after years of dealing with the majors through the biggest selling rap group, Bone Thugs & Harmony, was that you can sell millions of albums and not get paid.  With SongCast, we get our music out to our fans and have nothing to lose.  It’s been a great experience.

What features of SongCast do you enjoy the most?
Easy uploading of projects is a breath of fresh air.

How has SongCast helped you achieve success?
Finally seeing our work being compensated and getting paid on time.

How does SongCast help you with customer service concerns?
The staff usually answers any issues within 48 hours.

What advice would you give to new users of SongCast?
Have patience. Don’t think that you will get rich overnight, but your music will get to the masses! You have nothing to lose with SongCast.

What advice would you give long time users of SongCast?
Don’t leave this service!

How do you maximize your SongCast membership?  (Do you use SongCast’s reporting tools, SongCast Spotlight radio, etc.?)
I haven’t had to use those outlets because as a producer and record company, I try to put out big name albums which draw attention.  Without SongCast I couldn’t get this done.

What’s something that you want everyone to know about SongCast?
They’re honest and try to get your records out quickly, and there has never been an un-answered question!

Thank you to Guillermo for telling us about his SongCast experience.  If you are not a SongCast member, sign up today!  If you have questions or have a support issue, be sure to let us know so we can help you!

Big Caz and Mo Thugs Records


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