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It’s time for another Featured Artist! At SongCast, we’re always looking for new ways to help promote YOUR music. Check out this week’s Featured Artist interview with Raz Omega!

What’s your first musical memory?

I was a boy, about 9, still in St. Vincent. I heard Run DMC while hanging out with an older cousin. When I heard “Tougher Than Leather”, I fell in love with Hip-Hop. The beats, the rhymes, the story that came to life as I listened. It inspired me and at that very moment I dedicated my life to this music thing.

What music inspires you?

Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Aswad, of course Run DMC and other legends in the Hip-Hop game.

What’s your latest track or album?

“Monkey Business”

What song or album do you hate?

I can think of NONE I HATE . The thing about music is; you can find redeeming qualities in everyone’s “version” of it, if you really LOVE it like I do.

What profession would you choose if you couldn’t choose music?

I don’t even think about ‘what else’. If not music, NOTHING!

Tell us more about your local scene.

The local scene for Hip-Hop in Charlotte NC is fairly predictable. I stick to the underground spots that support open mic and local artists.  Honestly, the scene is very mundane as support for local artists in Charlotte is at an all time low. But I keep going. I will NEVER quit. I love music too much.

As a performer, what would be your ‘perfect’ live experience?

I would LOVE to perform in front of a packed house with a live band to back me up. An orchestra accompaniment would make it the ultimate experience.

What aspect drew you to the particular genre of music that you now perform/write?

The love of all music combined. Including Reggae, Soca, West Coast “Gangsta Rap ” and , of course, the boom bap era of Hip-Hop.

Share one personal event in your life that greatly influenced a song/album that you have created during your musical career.

Monkey Business, the title track from my latest album was recorded as the 2012 election took place. In hearing and listening to ad campaigns, debates and the thoughts and personal opinions for my friends, family and peers I took some time to listen to some politicians and government officials. It was and is very apparent to me; schemes, games and monkey business is like an epidemic throughout this country and especially with in that arena. That song and many others are based on current events. Life is my music’s biggest influence.

A big thanks to Raz for speaking with us this week!  Check out his SongCast page, and Facebook page.

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