SongCast Success Story: Kiggz

In addition to providing resources and services to help promote and distribute your music, SongCast is introducing SongCast Success Stories. You will be able to learn tips and tricks from these fellow SongCast users which you can use to be successful with SongCast, too!  Artist, Kigity K or Kiggz, is a successful SongCast user.  Check him out on Twitter, Facebook, on YouTube, SoundCloud, and his website after reading what he has to say about SongCast!

When did you start using SongCast?
In 2009.

What convinced you that SongCast was the right service for you?
At first I was skeptical of all music online services.  About 4 or 5 months after I sent in my first album, I started seeing small revenue come in from overseas.  Even though it was small money I then knew that real people were listening to my songs.  I knew if i just took it seriously and made sure quality was as high as I could get it that it would pay off and it did.

What features of SongCast do you enjoy the most?
What I enjoy most about SongCast is being able to look at the daily breakdown of my sales.  I’ve used a few other distribution services in the past that offered weekly reports but none that provided daily results.

How has SongCast helped you achieve success?
Distributing my music world wide was my  first step of being able to transition from an 9-5 worker and amateur musician, to having a successful full time music career  SongCast has also helped me strategize success by allowing me to look into my daily sales reports.  That gave me a good idea to who was buying my songs and where my sales were coming from.  I looked at those reports and used them to help strategize who I marketed my music to and things of that nature.

How does SongCast help you with customer service concerns?
Song Cast had a person by the name of Dottie that emailed me in usually 24 hours with any concern that I may have had.  If I needed a track replaced because the wrong one was sent in she helped give me the important information from iTunes that I needed.  Dottie is still at SongCast, and you can learn more about the customer service issues she solves in Dottie’s Corner

What advice would you give to new users of SongCast?
I would tell them not to stop here with distribution. Even though your music may be live in digital stores, you still need to promote like a madman.  We don’t have the luxury of being on local radio stations and have our music videos promoted and funded by huge companies and things of that nature.  We should take advantage of the fact that because of services like SongCast, we can now reach the world with our music.  We still need to keep an old school mentality as far as being hungry to pass our CD’s, do shows, travel, collaborate and reach out to fans and artists to see if you can all work together to reach your goal.  And remember that not everyone can become full time artists or famous musicians but give it your best shot so you won’t have any regrets later on.

What advice would you give long time users of SongCast?
I would tell them to never forget about your old songs you released. Everyone is always looking into how to make that next hit song.  That’s good, but the odds of doing that aren’t as high as you promoting your older songs to new people because often times the promotion is what can make your work stand out more, and its cheaper to build!

How do you maximize your SongCast membership?  (Do you use SongCast’s reporting tools, SongCast Spotlight radio, etc.?)
I use the reporting tools a lot.  I have not yet started using SongCast spotlight radio because I am in the process of using my earnings to pay for the rights to remix songs with big named artists and that is a pricey process but as soon as some of my major tracks take off i’m going to be airing my songs on many online radio networks including SongCast spotlight radio.

What’s something that you want everyone to know about SongCast?
I want people to know that SongCast has always accurately paid me on time for my music down to the dollar.  They are very accurate with their reporting tools. I highly recommend musicians who are ready to make money for their work to go through SongCast.  From amateurs to professionals, SongCast is Definitely a good start!

Thank you to Kiggz for telling us about his SongCast experience.  If you are not a SongCast member, sign up today!  If you have questions or have a support issue, be sure to let us know so we can help you!



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