Tweet it Maybe – 3 Quick Tips for Engaging on Twitter

Did a little birdy tell you how to sell a song on iTunes and other major music distribution sites? You must be following the SongCast Twitter – excellent decision!

music_distribution_serviceWhat we, like all media-savvy music moguls know, is the answer to the question that’s been killing you: how do you sell songs on iTunes? It’s simple – you go viral, of course! You get a SongCast membership and we distribute your songs across all the major music platforms, so anyone and everyone who’d like to buy your songs can browse, preview, and purchase. But unfortunately, we can’t do all the work for you – you’ve got to promote yourself, as well. And what’s a fun, free, fast way to promote your band without leaving your pajamas? (You can guess where we’re going with this – right?) Social media.

Even if you’re all excited about the new MySpace or you’re loyal to your Facebook fan page, you simply cannot ignore Twitter.

Try these three quick tips to improve your strategy in the blink of an eye:

  • Participate in #musicMonday. This one explains itself – every Monday, tweet a link to your sounds!
  •  Whether it’s an eblast, Google+ update, newsletter or piece of snail main, put your username in your signature.
  • Hook up with other bands with a simple follow, shout out, or “favorite.” This is the easiest thing ever, guys – so be nice and make friends!

There you have it! That wasn’t so hard, was it? Similarly, learning how to sell a song on iTunes is just as easy – use SongCast!

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  • Bonus Blaze 12 / 03 / 2013 Reply

    I’m very happy to be apart of song cast thank you guys for adding me to the Mix show you guys rock! Thank you so much

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