How to Give the Perfect Featured Artist Interview


So you just scored a spot as a featured artist for an event – very nicely done, my friend. Now how do you sell your music on iTunes by leveraging this bout of free publicity? It’s easy, baby – just be your charming self. Use this amazing opportunity to intrigue your audience beyond your stellar sounds. Because while, of course, making beautiful music is how to sell music on iTunes, you’re selling you in this interview. Quell your nerves, practice, and give the people what they want: personality.

Music_ResourcesWhether you’re the rainbow-suspenders-rocking, quintessential nerd or you’re cool as a cucumber in your Tyler Durden red leather jacket, your entire interview should ooze distinction. If you’ve already landed a featured artist gig, you’re undeniably hot right now and there’s no need to be shy. Embrace your quirks and let your freak flag fly because the perfect featured artist interview is unforgettable. We’re not saying you should skateboard around the room making armpit farts (unless that’s, like, totally your thing). We are, however, encouraging you to be insightful, honest, funny and unique.

We’re bored of Justin Bieber; Taylor Swift has the personality of dry toast. (Biebs – how do you sell your music on iTunes?! Isn’t everyone over it already?) Think about it – can you remember a single line from any of the hundreds of interview both artists have given over the years? Neither can we.  Rebel Wilson, on the other hand, made her entire career out of memorability. She’s open; she’s real; she’s hilarious.  But so are you! Spend sufficient time in front of the mirror practicing so you don’t draw a blank on any tough question and have a few funny stories in mind to share. Relax – you got this.

Completing a flawless artist interview is an elusive but exhilarating experience. And with confidence and practice, it’s entirely within your reach. How to sell music on iTunes after a featured artist interview is by being remarkably confident with yourself. We can’t wait to see you rock this.

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