SongCast Podcast – Episode Four – April 5, 2024

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Episode Four of our brand new SongCast Podcast is live!
Stream it on YouTube, SoundCloud, or listen to the music on Spotify.

On the first Friday of every month, we deliver a podcast jam-packed with amazing indie music of all types, from our huge SongCast family of artists.  We will include interviews, testimonials, and videos.

We have a big blast of heaviness to start things off this month, with alt rock, rock, metal, punk, then we cruise into hip hop, R&B, pop, reggae, and jazz.  We have something for everyone.  

This Month’s Featured Artists:

trauma championsWe start off this month’s podcast with a powerhouse of a hook and a chourus you will find yourself singing long after the song is over.  This anthem I am talking about is from Austria. The band is Trauma Centrum Sud and “The champions.”death by nineDeath By Nine offer an intense blast of heavy rock, with some alternative flavorings.  We think you will love their track “Fictional Reality.”joey starmerHow about some alternative music from New Jersey?  Joey Starmer throws in soundscapes of many genres into the release Primordial.  Crank up the track “Into The Abyss.”stungunz New Jersey’s The StunGunz blast out punky power chords with tasty rock highlights, for a no frills, head bangin blast into energetic, fun, indie punk.  We love this track “Joe’s Trippin (Again).”even field higherFrom White Plains New York comes Evan Field, bringing back memories of guitar greats Gary Moore, Pat Travers, and Robin Trower.  We feature his track “Higher.”black merdaOur trifecta of rock ends with a historic, diverse and unique track from Black Merda, the very first all black rock band who wrote, performed and recorded their own music during the late 1960’s and early 70’s.  From the Third Child compliation, enjoy “Break Of Dawn.” morality's goneFrom Canada, Morality’s Gone smash thru the air with ferocious, unrelenting power, combining great hooks with a progressive finesse.  The release Ashes Of Faith is a must for every heavy rock fan. From that release we include “Tied To Darkness.”  tropianLet’s take the red eye to Austin Texas and slam into one more metallic tune.  From the instrumental release Midnight Eye, enjoy Tropian and “Death’s Peace.”  dawson boyWe Start off a forray into Hip-Hop in Nashville, Tennessee with Dawson Boy with a no-frills freight train of badassery and finesse.  This one hits hard, it is called “Move Something.” beamerBeamer Boys blast into a great groove and toss back some radical rhymes in a track called “Uncle Sam,” from the release Money dollaRich Dolla 503 takes you into his hard reality with a relentless approach and breakneck rhymes.  Hit up this track “Change Your Mind.”blue shaddyWe catch some blues in Austrailia with an incredible band called Blue Shaddy.  Blue Shaddy is a blues rock powerhouse, a dynamo from down under.  Pushing outta Perth, here is “West Austrailian Sun.”faye lFilling the air with soul and basking in rhythm and blues is Faye L, sailing out of Detroit with “All Wrapped Up.”trinity jayTrinity Jay takes off into the stars with the upbeat and memorable track “Rocketship.”jah trobleJah Troble provide authentic reggae simmered and seasoned in the home of reggae, jamaica.  Enjoy this track called “Rave Real.”david d flyWe get our Jazz on with a musical vacation to London, England and a smooth hang with David D fly and “Indie Jazz Lobby.”

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