Great Tactics to Connect with Fans on the Road

Bus_roadtripROAD TRIP!!

For some aspiring musicians, the open road is what calls you. Like the traveling bards of yore, maybe few things sound better than the idea of the road under your feet and an instrument slung over your back to sing for your supper.

Or, at least, I’m rather fond of the idea.

For the less romantic, tours are still great for any musician with dreams of stardom, and it’s perfect for your music marketing. You get to perform for different crowds every night, undoubtedly to some who’ve never heard of you. If you’re a local act, it might be your first chance to be heard live out-of-state. Plus, of course, you get to connect with all the fans along the way.

Even ten years ago, it would probably seem strange for a local band to go on its first tour and yet find fans waiting at every stop. Now, it’s commonplace. Connecting with fans on the road has never been simpler!

Your Fans, Your Tour, and The Internet Make For Great Music Marketing

Now, obviously, your Facebook and Twitter accounts are going to be announcing dates and shows as they happen, but there’s so much more that can be done while you’re on the road. Here are a few tips:

Organize parties: When you’re going to be in a city, announce it ahead of time and see if you can get something set up. Just remember, bands used to pay their managers to set this up! Now it’s a couple Tweets.

Surprise performances: If you’re passing through an urban area, stop and play a quick show! (We strongly suggest you check local performance, noise, and busking regulations first.) Send out a Tweet an hour ahead of time, and surprise everyone. Some of the all-time greats made names for themselves doing this; you could too!

Invite reviews: When you’re doing great shows, you want people talking about it! Ask your Facebook fans what they thought of your performance. You’re gonna get a lot more good answers than bad, and it helps get people excited in the next town!

Put social in your shows: Try sending out a Tweet to your fans in between songs at a concert, and see how many phones light up. It’s a cheap little trick, but it works every time. Plus, it makes the people at home wish they were there.

Share recordings? Some may not like the idea, but at least consider allowing your fans to post concert recordings they’ve made. A recording is never remotely as good as the live experience, and bands like the Grateful Dead can testify to how well concert bootlegs can spread your music marketing.

Going on tour has never been such a great opportunity for aspiring stars. You should be taking every opportunity to meet with your fans, get them talking, and keep them spreading the good word about you!

And when you combine your tour with the power of the Internet to connect with your fans, it’s perfect music marketing.

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