3 Tips for Unsigned Indie Artists

Smart indie artists are always looking for new insights into how to sell music online. It doesn’t just pay the bills; it also greatly increases your chances of getting noticed and the opportunity of being picked up by a major label.

So, let’s talk a bit about reaching out into your online music marketing. The key is to keep looking for ways to impress new groups of people!

How To Sell Music Online: Expand Your Reach

Look For An Independent Producer

A producer with a bit of an ear for hot sounds can be exactly what you need to push your music sales onwards and upwards. Up-and-coming producers will often attach themselves to bands they see with potential, so start doing some networking. Try to connect with some of them through LinkedIn. If a producer likes your sound, he will open up new opportunities to refine your sound, as well as help you achieve new contacts in the music industry.

Upload To More Online Stores

Perhaps it’s an obvious inclusion about how to sell music online, but remember that there are dozens of online stores out there to help market your music. Every store can bring you new customers, even if sales are slow at first. All it takes is a little time filling out submission forms. (Or you could hire a distribution service to handle the applications for you for a small fee.)

Look for niche specialty websites, when possible. Amazon and iTunes are great, but a service dedicated to fans of acts like yours is often better!

Music_PromotionKeep Working Social Media

It might feel like a chore at times, but social media is your #1 outreach tool as an unsigned indie artist. It’s pretty much free unless you feel like paying for features, and opens up vast new pools of potential listeners. Just keeping up a regular flow of chatter, along with pictures and videos, will keep people talking about you.

Remember, every share might bring you a new listener! Striking gold with a hit viral video is great, but the real value of social media is in the constant returns it can bring you.

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