The Pros and Cons of an In-Your-Face Brand

Believe it or not, just about every famous and successful musical artist one day sat down and grappled with the question, “how do I promote my music?” It’s a strange realization, we know: Gene Simmons minus his stage makeup, Lady Gaga sans her little monsters, and even the successful Nikki Minaj rocking not three, not two, but one hair color.

But what exactly does each of those famous artists have in common? Beyond their talent, beyond their passion, beyond a dash of luck, what took them from hopeful dreamer to music megastar overnight?

The answer? Well in this case, it’s just one word: branding.

Though we’ve talked about the important of branding before (from band names to social media), today, we’re going to talk pros and cons of having an in-your-face brand (think Gaga’s meat dress…it doesn’t get much more in-your-face than that, friends.)

The Pros:

  1. You’ll be memorable: Ke$ha. What just came to mind? Were you trying to figure out who we were talking about since we only gave you a first name? Chances are, the answer is no. Chances are, you were suddenly flooded with image after image of glitter. Oh, and crazy face makeup. And ripped shirts. The point is, when you have an in-your-face brand, it almost always ends up as an in-your-memory brand. And that’s a great thing to capitalize on. TiK ToK.
  1. You’ll make waves: Even before you become a household name, with an in-your-face brand, you’ll be making waves. Marilyn Manson’s famous goth garb, Madonna’s cone bra, Elton John’s…well…everything; the moment you go all out (and commit to it) is the moment you’ll start turning heads.
  1. You’ll be unique: Even if you decide to stay slightly toned down, an in-your-face brand can still work based off of its uniqueness. Because he mixes his chilled rhythms and smart lyrics with a laid-back, “fond of hats” fashion sense, Jason Mraz is certainly recognizable, even though his brand doesn’t scream: “look at me!”

The Cons:

  1. Your look may be louder than your voice: Though you want to stay memorable, you don’t want your look to take away from your performance. While staying unforgettable is key, in the end, you want to be known for your music – not your makeup.
  1. You’ll start to flip-flop: After making one statement, you may feel inclined to make another (and another after that), and while you may have your band’s best interests in mind, flip-flopping your look too many times can just come off as desperate and disingenuous.
  1. You might lose sight of the bigger picture: In the end, the goal will always be to promote your music. And while a brand can help you do so, if you spend more time on your 7-inch heels than on your 7-second solo, chances are, you won’t be making waves for long.

So before you run out to the butcher (sewing-kit in hand), remember to weigh the pros and cons of adopting an in-your-face brand. To read additional tips and advice or to learn how to promote your music successfully today, check us out at!

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