Sell Music: Optimize your YouTube Account for Search

music_marketingRight now, YouTube is one of your most powerful music marketing tools out there, so your act should be making the most of it!

A lot of people forget that YouTube isn’t just for social sharing. Since Google owns YouTube, videos get priority in their search listings. A well-optimized YouTube account will help you gain marketing by way of search engines!

So, we’ve got a few quick tips for optimizing your YouTube account. They only take a few minutes, but they’re virtually guaranteed to bring you more listeners.

Three Easy Ways To Boost Your YouTube Visibility

Fully fill out your profile.

As a rule of thumb in online music marketing, you should always be doing this in any system your band is part of. However, this is especially important when dealing with Google. Profiles in their system which are 100% completed automatically get higher priority over incomplete forms, so a few minutes spent here will send you past lazier people.

Use a descriptive title.

Try to put more words in your title than just the band and track names. Just adding “music video” to the title is better than nothing, but more creative titling is better. If it’s a live performance, include the city, venue, and date in the title. You’re trying to help people search for your video here, so think keywords.

Encourage your fans to rate & comment.

Highly-rated videos with a lot of comments will always leap to the top of Google searches. Unlike in a lot of industries, musicians can just ask their fans to go support them online. Make this part of your social video sharing, and you’ll also be giving your fans a way to directly help you that doesn’t cost them anything.

You Can’t Have Too Many Videos

No, really, it’s pretty much impossible. Just take some time and care when you put together each video upload, to ensure that it gives your music marketing the biggest boost possible.

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