The Art of the Pre-Show Ritual

Don’t lie – we know you’ve been thinking about it.

Somewhere between pondering the science of uploading music to iTunes, you’ve considered the art of the pre-show ritual.

Admit it.

(But don’t worry – we’ve all been there).

But from pickle-juice guzzling to well-timed tequila shots, with so many – let’s face it – creative rituals out there, how are you to choose? How are you to commit?

Music_ResourcesTo help you decide which egg-kissing, orange-juggling, milkshake-drinking pre-show ritual your band should adopt, we’ve compiled a SongCast list of our top three all time favorites:

  1. The Brookstone: According to Queen B herself, the gorgeous Beyoncé preps for her shows by taking a few hours to relax…in a massage chair. Now that’s a pampering pre-show ritual done right. Mrs. Carter, we salute you.
  1. The Drink Banquet: Up and coming British singer Rita Ora doesn’t discriminate when it comes to drinks. Apparently, before her performances, Ora drinks tea. Oh, and ginger ale. Oh, and also a whole bottle of Jack Daniels.
  1. The Lucky Underwear: Rumor has it that Kim Schifino (of the incredible Matt & Kim) rocks a special style of Lucky Underwear before she hits the stage. We applaud her game day dedication, and add that we hope she brings many pairs with her while on tour.

Inspired to come up with a pre-show ritual? Good. Already have one? Even better. Tell us in the comments below – we want to hear about it! For more rockin’ advice or to learn how to start uploading songs to iTunes today, drop by at









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