The Pros and Cons to Having a MOMager

So, maybe Momagers get a bad rap.

It’s easy to take a look at reality TV and decide that having a parent as a manager is a really bad idea. From Joe Jackson to Dina Lohan, we mostly only hear about the ones who have issues… or are just flat-out nuts.

Really, most momagers and dadagers are sane and just trying to help with their child’s music promotion and booking, especially if the child is already an adult. When that’s the case, having a momager is often a fine way to get help with your music business.

At least, as long as there are some ground rules.


How Having A Momager Can Help Your Music Promotion

Not everyone is cut out to be a momager.  Actual management, planning, and networking skills are a necessity. It’s best if your parent already has experience in the music industry, or in related creative fields.

However, if they do, you’ve got someone who’s going to work for free, or at least cheap. Plus, your mom is more likely to have your best interests at heart than any random producer in the business. Don’t forget that there are plenty of sharks swimming around looking to take advantage of new talent. There’s something to be said for starting off with a manager you can trust.

Plus, mom is going to have a lot more experience than most musicians in dealing with bureaucracy and finessing people to get things done and you’ll have a lot more experience in dealing with her.
For your momager to succeed, communication is vital. There needs to be ground rules, and they need to remember that ultimately you are the boss of your music. A parent-manager is going to lean towards encroaching on your personal and artistic space, so be ready to defend yourself. Be clear on how much input they’ll have in your career.Communication Saves The Day

Otherwise, a parent can be a great partner.  After all, having mom or dad helping you find gigs and doing the networking can leave you more room to focus on your music!

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