Music Publishing 101

songcast_music_distribution_artistsIf you’re in the recording industry, discovering how to sell music and get yourself noticed is more than likely at the top of your priority list. While it’s great if you’re making music for the love of the art, most of us still like to get paid for our labors, at least every now and then.

Today, you have more options for publishing your music than ever before! It’s a real renaissance for independent artists. No matter what kind of music you’re making, there’s a market for it!

How To Sell Music: Quick Options For Publishing Your Work

Sign With A Major Label

Of course, this is the traditional solution when someone wants to know how to sell music: convince once of the big labels to give you a contract and make an album for them. If your goal is super-stardom, this is the route you’ll likely want to go – but be careful. Major labels often have restrictive contracts that assign them full rights to your work. You’ll have to decide if signing away your IP rights is worth a shot at stardom.

Print-on-Demand CDs

Services like Amazon’s CreateSpace make it simple to create CDs which are only pressed and printed when someone orders them. Such services allow you to create your own storefront, selling your music to anyone who comes along without having to worry about investing in a CD pressing that might never sell.

Online Radio

While it’s not exactly selling music, putting your tracks onto online radio services like Pandora and Last.FM can get you a lot of exposure, as well as royalties. They all allow submissions, although standards vary. Similar methods can get you into services like iTunes, if you are looking to sell your MP3s.

Music Submission Services

If you want to get your music onto a lot of sites, in a hurry, look into music submission services. Usually for a single low fee, you can have your music submitted to the major websites, complete with barcodes and chart eligibility. There’s probably no quicker way to see your tracks for sale all across the web.

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