Starting a Band: How to Find Compatable Musicians

When you’re looking to break into the music business with a band, the first thing you need is… a band.

This is often far more difficult than it seems. Although there are probably more indie musicians working today than ever before, it can still be hard to find bandmates who are compatible with you and other members of your group.

So, we’ve got three suggestions for how to make the search for band members easier!

Getting Ahead In The Music Business Is Easier With The Right Band

  1. Go to more local shows.

The best way to gauge a potential recruit is to see them perform for yourself. Spend more time on the local show circuit, and pay close attention. Musicianship is good, but also look for how they handle themselves onstage, and how they interact with the audience. This will tell you a lot about them, especially if they have to deal with hecklers or other unruly people.

  1. Research people on social media.

Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn are all perfect places to look for new band members. You can often learn all you need about them with a bit of lurking. See how they work with their fans, and what you can glean about their private lives.

If they aren’t heavily involved in social media, it’s probably better to look for another candidate. A strong social media presence is vital in the music business today.

  1. Hold auditions!

The classic approach still works. If you have any cachet at all, an open audition will expose you to a lot of new people while giving you a chance to speak with them directly. Pretty much, it’s like hiring for any other job. Think about interviews you’ve gone through, and then enjoy being on the other side of the table for a change.

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