Fun Ways to Document your First Tour

Live tours are the perfect opportunity to add material to your promotion and music distribution plans. A great performance tonight can become part of the ongoing online story of your band. With the right documentation, you’ll keep new fans occupied investigating your previous concerts and albums!

We’ve got four great ways to document your next tour!

1. Concert Tapes

On-site, on-demand CD or DVD burns of a show is one of the best ways to get your music out there. Branded USB sticks waiting to get filled with lossless soundboard copies are another possibility.

Having concert music distribution going on is always great for bands with rocking live shows. Great live recordings just make more people want to see you for themselves.

2. Microvideo Creates Great Material


People can debate whether it’s just a fad or not, but in the meantime, there’s value in microvideo sites like Vine and Tout. Treat them like old Polaroids, creating video snapshots of a moment.

Microvideo also gives you great clip material for the future. Once you have a decent lineup of Vines and Youtube vids behind you, that upcoming full-length tour video just plenty of montage material.

3. Show Local Culture And Color

Don’t point your camera phones exclusively at yourself. Try to capture some of the local highlights as well, if you’ve got time to stop and take a few pictures or videos. The “Hey, that’s me on TV!” effect always works, and locals who saw your show will love the little glimpses of their town.

4. Have Fans Contribute

Set up an area on your website where your fans can upload and\or link to their own pictures and recordings of your events. It’s a harmless way for fans to make themselves part of your experience, plus, there’s great material for future videos.

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