Podcast: Yay or Nay

Despite being, at this point, a rather “old” form of online marketing, podcasts remain popular with a wide range of people. Their ubiquity makes them simple for anyone to subscribe to, and modern broadband makes it simple for people to download podcasts for later listening.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to sell my music online, podcasts might be worth your time, but only in certain circumstances.

How To Sell My Music Online:  The Pros And Cons Of Podcasts 

On the face of it, there’s nothing particularly wrong with creating podcasts. The worst that can happen is that no one listens, and you’ve only lost a little time in creating them. It’s rare for anyone to actually get themselves into trouble with a podcast.

That said, they do take some time and energy to do well – a good podcast must be at least partially planned or written ahead of time. It’s rarely a good idea to just improvise a podcast unless you’re a truly gifted extemporaneous speaker. So there’s still an investment there, if you want to create a product worth listening to.


The key is creating a conversation. With a podcast, you’re not simply standing on a virtual soapbox.  A good podcast should inspire interaction, with people talking back as well as sharing the podcast with their friends and associates.

It should deal with matters of some substance that people will want to talk about afterwards, or that will give them useful information going forward.

Podcasts Must Offer Value To Listeners

The question is whether you have enough interesting ideas and perspectives to keep listeners feeling like they’re learning something useful. If you’ve faced and overcome unique challenges in your recording career, or discovered some great ideas on how to sell music online, this could really build your credibility.

Just remember that podcasts are not simply audio blogs. Reports on your latest tour or recording sessions are better written down, rather than spoken. A podcast needs some weight.

However, if you’ve got something interesting to say, podcasts can be great tools for promoting your music online!

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