First Impressions: Does Your Appearance Match Your Music?

musiciansWhen you’re trying to break into the business, you’re bound to ask yourself question after question. How do I sell music online? How do I build that loyal fan base? And when I do, how do I make sure I stay in the spotlight?

And one of the biggest questions we’ve heard?

“How do I make that killer first impression?”

While we’ve talked about the importance of making a great first impression before, today, we’re going to hone in on one specific detail of your first impression image: making sure your appearance matches your music.

Intrigued? We thought so. So set down your top hat/leather jacket/fur vest/suspenders for just a second and get ready for our SongCast how to guide:

  1. Answer the question – be honest: The first step in making sure your appearance matches your music is to ask yourself the question – and answer honestly! Go ahead, stand in front of your full-length mirror, we’ll wait. Does that rhinestone belt buckle really scream crooning diva? Do your jet-black sunglasses really shout mysterious or just impede your mad guitar skills? Take a look at your style in a new light and ask yourself whether its helping – or hurting – your art.
  2. Always unique, never distracting: The next step is to build your look from the feet up. Look to fellow musicians, pick a style that’s integral to your genre; do whatever you need to find inspiration but don’t forget to make it yours. That being said, make sure the style that makes you you is never the first thing your audience (or potential manager) notices. Jason Mraz-style hat with a bright blue feather sitting casually in the black fabric rim? Yes. Ten-inch stilettos made from egg crates and white glitter? Not so much. (Unless your celebrity inspiration is Mother Monster, that is.)
  3. Make it your signature: Though you definitely don’t need to buy one signature outfit and wear, wash, repeat (we’re hoping you wash) for every gig you rock, once you’ve decided on a style, stick with it. By no means are you ever “locked in,” but by incorporating a specific look (or statement item) into your music wardrobe, you’ll stand a much greater chance of standing out and staying recognizable to that loyal fan base you’re already building.

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