3 Things SongCast can do for You!

There are a lot of different digital music distribution agencies online, but few that offer the unique value that SongCast provides.

If you’ve been coming here for the blogs, you might have been wondering what makes us different from all the other companies trying to make a quick buck off online music. Well, the answer is simply that we offer professional-grade services, including full tracking tools to chart your sales across plenty of online stores, but charge fees low enough that any aspiring artist can get into the game.

We’re only asking for a few dollars a month, and you get a lot in return:

Expand Your Distribution

For a low one-time fee, SongCast provides full conversion and uploading services to most major digital music distribution outlets, including iTunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify, and Rhapsody. All it takes is a few clicks and a few minutes’ uploading, and in less than a week, your album could be available across the Internet.

We also offer a streaming radio service, giving you another outlet for promoting your music!

Centralize Your RoyaltiesMusic_Distribution

One of the biggest pains for an online artist is dealing with royalty collection from the various distribution sites online. Or, SongCast can centralize it for you, as part of our ongoing services. You still get 100% of your royalties, but we put them all into one account, with payouts whenever you like.

Keeping track of your band’s online accounts can be a lot simpler.

Track Your Business

Along with centralizing your act’s payouts, SongCast can also help you keep your business on track! Every month, you’ll get a detailed report of your albums’ performance across all our partner services, along with daily iTunes trending reports with a focus on the world’s biggest online music site.

Plus, we also include a suite of social media tools to simplify your outreach as well.

SongCast: Digital Music Distribution For Everyone

SongCast was created for indie artists and promoters, so we’re bringing you an all-in-one distribution system on a garage band budget. Signup only takes a couple minutes, and could pay off within days.

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