Promoting Your New Album on Pinterest

Pinterest has exploded into being one of the most popular social media outlets, but it’s challenging to work into the realm of online music marketing. After all, a website that only focuses around images is probably not going to sell too many albums directly.

That said, Pinterest is still great for expanding your social media offerings and giving fans different ways to interact with you. Online music marketing today relies on building your image alongside your music, so Pinterest is a perfect outreach for when you have a new album to promote.

Here are a few tips!

Three Strategies For Working Pinterest Into Your Album’s Music Marketing online_music_marketing

First, one thing to keep in mind about Pinterest: Unlike every other social media outlet, its user base is almost entirely female. Women are five times as likely to use Pinterest than men. So, you’ll want to play up whatever is going to appeal to your female listeners.

1. Include Plenty of Concert Pics

Even with a new album, you’ll still be making your money at your shows, so include lots of coverage of your latest live gigs. Pictures of a rocking good time are going to make people want to see it for themselves. Think about recruiting people to take pictures during your shows.

2. Be free with your repins.

Pin and repin alike on Pinterest. Give back to the community by keeping up a flow of pins of things you come across, other bands you like, or fan endeavors. It gives variety to your Pinterest feed and gives people more reason to follow you. Plus, it’s a great way to build relations with other bands as well.

3. Encourage fan participation.

Basically, you want your fans on Pinterest to be uploading pics of themselves and your album. Contests or similar giveaways are a great way to encourage this, or just look for ways of rewarding fans for pinning pics of yours. Sometimes, consistently giving a personal response is enough to see plenty of participation.

Lastly, don’t forget to upload your album to all the major online stores to increase your visibility!

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