Why new artists should use SongKick?

Musician_ResourcesFor musicians’ resources, the Internet has an incredible number of options for expanding your music distribution, and more are being added every day. Keeping in touch with your fans is vital for promoting your music, so you should always be looking for new services that help you expand your reach.

Today, we wanted to highlight one of these services you might want to investigate: SongKick!

Why Songkick Is A Great Addition To Online Musicians’ Resources

Songkick is currently the Internet’s most popular live music tracking and information service, claiming to list more than 100,000 upcoming concerts around the world, along with hosting somewhere over two million “gigographies” of bands’ past live performances. Available at their website, along with iOS and Android apps, Songkick makes it simple for fans to sign up and track the bands they like.

Then they get automatic alerts or emails whenever a band they’re following (hopefully yours!) announces a gig in their area, and their apps have begun integrating built-in ticket purchasing. It’s pretty much a one-stop shop for music fans to find all the live music they might want.

Now, that’s great for the fans, but Songkick also provides a full suite of tools for musicians, for which you can sign up for through their Tourbox portal.

Then, just like how Songcast will take your pre-recorded tracks and upload them to online music stores for you, SongKick and Tourbox can take your tour dates and announcements and push them to a wide variety of the websites you might use online for gig promotion, including Bandcamp, WordPress, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

On some platforms, like Facebook, they can even embed an app that allows for direct ticket sales, which is awesome for getting people to attend your shows.

And on top of all that, the service is free.

So, that’s why we’re encouraging you to check out Songkick, if you have a chance. Just remember: If you’re wanting to distribute your tracks, choose Songcast. If you’re wanting to promote your gigs, use Songkick.

Between these two great musicians’ resources, your fans will never be out of the loop!


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