How Weekly Video Logs Help Build Your Fan Base

hands of the people hold the phone, laptop, tablet and surroundeIn indie music, it’s vital to remember that nearly anything can be music marketing. A lot of people hear “marketing” and just think of advertisements, but it’s not the same thing. Fundamentally, pretty much any outreach you engage in trying to win fans is marketing of some sort or another.

And the nice thing is, this can be fun or informative. Simply bringing your listeners and prospective fans into the creative process can be great outreach, which is why video logs (or the consonant-mangling “vlogs“) work well for artists.

Weekly Video Logs Are Fun And Easy Music Marketing

At this point, it’s probably fair to assume anyone involved in indie music has access to the material needed to record a vlog. Do you have a smartphone? Then you’re good to go.

Simply creating a short video talking about the work you’ve done, or your recording or production techniques, is great outreach. It can:

1 – Keep fans up-to-date…

Your listeners want to know when they’ll get more material from you. This keeps them directly in the loop, as well as keeping them interested in what’s coming next.

2 – Drop teasers…

Include snippets of your latest tracks or other creations, but never the whole thing. This is even better if it’s worked into demonstrations of your techniques, like giving people a preview of a new song and giving insight on how you produced it.

3 – Show off your personality…

Since this is behind-the-scenes stuff, you can let your hair down, or even drop character entirely if you’re doing the artist persona thing. (Or, do it in-character for the lulz.) This holds true for bands as well: the early Beatles charmed the world with their goofy banter.

4 – Generate responses and talkbacks…

Look to get people involved. Ask questions, or get feedback. Just asking how people think an in-progress track sounds can garner a lot of goodwill, as well as a lot more social media interaction.

So, if you haven’t before, look into making weekly video logs. They’re cheap, easy, and fun for everyone involved, making them great music marketing.

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