Viral Music Videos in 2014

Maybe it’s time to stop chasing that “viral” music video and start focusing on content when thinking, “how do I promote my music?”


The numbers on YouTube’s usage are pretty staggering. Something like a hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. There’s so much content being uploaded that it seems like successes such as Gangnam Style truly are like winning the lottery.

So, rather than thinking “how do I promote my music” with a viral hit, let’s look at a couple more practical ideas for longer-term YouTube strategies.

Turning Your YouTube Videos Into A Content Channel

1 – Release a variety of materials.

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s a necessity in YouTube. You want plenty of music videos, for sure, but don’t make that the only kind of content. Backstage or in-progress recording footage, media clips, or even just “home videos” of the band being goofy.

Basically, anything the Beatles did in the 60s, you should be doing… and then some. Videos let you show off every aspect of your personality, and that of your act, which creates more interest.

2 – Think of YouTube as a TV Channel

It’s easy to think YouTube viewing is a one-off thing – search for a video, watch it, search again – but people are increasingly using YouTube like TV. So, the reason you want a lot of different content is so you can “program” it like a true channel.

Create playlists that are structured more like a cable-TV puff piece, bouncing between different types of content. It’ll encourage people to watch your stufffor longer.

3 – Have “plotlines.”

Okay, we’re not saying to script your stuff. Just remember that not every piece has to be self-contained. It’s okay to have glimpses into your personal lives and ongoing activities that span several videos. Or, perhaps run a series where you follow a track from conception through to release.

If there are unresolved elements that get picked up in future videos, it gives people a reason to come back and keep following you,

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