LinkedIn Advertising for Bands

how to sell music onlineWith the popularity of apps like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and more, one of the most important questions for aspiring musicians to ask is themselves is this: How do I sell music online? Everyone knows that using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and using them well, is an important step in the road to success. LinkedIn is another social media site, and is the third largest in number of users behind Facebook and Twitter, yet it seems to be the least understood and most under-utilized, especially by musicians. We are here to help you learn to navigate LinkedIn like a pro and continue to sell more music online.

Tip #1 – Make a LinkedIn Business Account

This is an obvious one, but also the most important. Sometimes bands might not think they need a LinkedIn account because they are musicians and not businesspeople, but LinkedIn is a great way to present yourself as a professional and market yourself as a brand. It is an invaluable way to meet industry professionals who might be able to help your music career, and they will be glad to see that your rock-and-roll lifestyle doesn’t mean you aren’t also a responsible professional.

Tip #2 – Use LinkedIn Campaign Manager

LinkedIn has a tool called Campaign Manager that allows you to promote your business and send targeted ads to your desired audience. You have to already have a business account (see Tip 1) and make sure you know exactly who you want your ads to reach before you start. Being precise and relevant means your band will come up in the searches that you want to show up in, so clearly defining your goals and target audience beforehand are very important.

Tip #3 – Use Sponsored Updates and Display Ads Well

On LinkedIn you can use Sponsored Ads, which show up in a company’s newsfeed, or Display Ads, which are shown somewhere along the side or bottom of a screen. By using both you can compare which one gets more hits and maximize your visibility. Pay attention to the little details when create your ads – a sloppy picture or a too-long caption can make you lose credibility, whereas a really catchy tagline or an eye-catching image can draw interest and help sell music online.

Tip #4 – Network

One of the most important parts of getting people interested in your band is just networking and getting the word out there. While paid advertisements are great and definitely needed, don’t forget the power of networking. LinkedIn is in essence a networking site, and you never know when certain connections could lead to your next big break. Update and check your page regularly, post in groups to promote yourself, ask and answer questions, and be actively looking for people who can help you promote your band and achieve success.

We hope these tips will help you learn to navigate LinkedIn and answer your questions about how to sell music online. There are so many resources available to musicians these days to allow you to market yourself online, and LinkedIn can be a great way to market yourself to industry professionals. Visit our SongCast blog even for more music, news and helpful hints!

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