Music Festivals to Look For in 2015


Another new year is almost here, and that means another new year of music festivals! If you’ve got your eye on getting to a big stage, right now is the time to start thinking about it. Registrations are usually months in advance, and you need to be working on your pitch.

Three Music Festivals That Should Be On Your 2015 Radar


1 – South by Southwest

While others’ opinions may vary (and feel free to tell us about it!), in our view, there is no single better music festival for a budding band than SXSW. In the last decade, Austin, TX has become one of the hottest spots for indie music in the country, and their annual festival is always a showcase of the best bands that are almost there.

With plenty of options to distribute your music and (most years) a complete official Torrent on offer including all the bands, there’s probably no better way to reach a huge indie audience. But since it happens in mid-March, you need to act fast. The deadline to apply is Jan. 13, 2015.

2 – Coachella

One of California’s premier music festivals is also another amazing opportunity for any indie band that can get anywhere near it. It usually has among the best big-name lineups every year. As such, it draws a lot of press attention – and that means more opportunities for smaller bands.

At the time of this writing, they haven’t updated their website with registration information for 2015. Keep your ear to the ground, and try to make some contacts that might get your foot in the door.

3 – Lollapalooza 

Lollapalooza has become a hit for the Windy City, and it’s quickly becoming one of the best-loved festivals in the nation. Chicago’s history, sights and connections to the entertainment industry make it a great location, which brings in visitors from around the nation.

Lollapalooza usually attracts a great range of mid-tier bands, who bring fans with niche tastes. Can you get onstage with them? According to the website, 2015 registrations will start in March.

Which music festivals are on your radar?

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