How the Indie Music Scene Can Revitalize Your Neighborhood

How do I sell music onlineThe music industry has changed a lot in recent years, leading new artists to ask questions like “how do I sell music online” and “how can I increase my follower count on Twitter”, because the online aspect of music is becoming even more essential. However, the importance of live music from independent musicians to the industry and the economy as a whole has often been overlooked. Michael Seman, a specialist in indie music economies, has led the way in validating this idea by showing how much indie music and a local indie scene can benefit a city’s economy.

Following World War II, thousands of people left city centers for the suburbs, leaving many downtown areas victims of urban decay. However, these days, more and more people are returning to cities, wishing to live closer to downtown areas in order to experience the local culture and nightlife. This is the setting in which the indie music scene thrives. These downtown areas are in need of revitalization, and a healthy music scene is hugely beneficial in this process.

According to Seman, one of the biggest success stories comes from Omaha, Nebraska. The city invested millions into music venues. In addition, an independent record label, Saddle Creek Records, opened its doors, succeeding in making Omaha a great place for indie musicians to launch a career. Omaha now hosts multiple annual music festivals and has produced many popular indie talents, including the band Bright Eyes. The music venue Slowdown is incredibly popular, and since it opened, apartment buildings, restaurants, an indie movie theater, and commercial stores have all opened in the surrounding area.

Omaha is not the only city that has benefited from revitalization due to investment in the music scene. Nashville, New Orleans, Flint, Michigan, and Birmingham, Alabama are all investing in music scenes as well. The opening of Bottletree Club in Birmingham allowed touring musicians a place to perform and put Birmingham on the map in a way it wasn’t before. In a similar scenario, after investing in Provo, Utah’s music scene, it became much more popular, and has produced some huge names – both Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees hail from Provo.

Cities that are known for music also know how important it is to maintain a thriving music scene. Austin and Seattle both have municipal music commissions that oversee music development and music events. Across the US, different towns are realizing that an indie music scene should be a priority in development. While companies like SongCast can answer how to sell music online, cities must commit to live music in order for revitalization to occur.

An indie music scene in a city makes it a hub of innovation attracting businesses, designers, and other entrepreneurs. This is one of the reasons why DIY (standing for do-it-yourself) spaces are popular – they are areas that allow artist to come together informally and collaborate. While they are only quasi-legal due mostly to licensing and noise ordinances, creating spaces where young people can innovate and create is necessary to revitalizing a city.

While artists try to answer the question “How do I sell music online”, they also understand the importance of performing live and meeting fans face to face. Indie music venues and festivals are important not only to the people who use them, but everyone who lives in their area. For more news and information about the indie music scene, follow our blog.

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