Collected your Fans Emails! Now What?

Online Music MarketingEmail can still be a valuable part of your online music marketing tool chest.  Even though email use is generally on the decline among those under 30, that doesn’t mean it has to be ignored as a form of outreach. 

It just needs to be carefully implemented to work along with your other marketing ideas.  It’s not a magic bullet for any target, but it helps enhance outreach.

Using Email In Your Online Music Marketing

1 – Have a substantial offer.

Younger users are accustomed to email mostly being “for business,” but they include business offers in that list.  So, don’t use email for regular communications.  Use it as a method of giving something back, such as announcing sales on your music, or discounts for the first (X) fans to reserve tickets at your next concert.

2 – Reinforce with social media.

The younger someone is, the less likely they are to check their email box routinely.  So, if you’ve got an important message to get out, you should make sure to tell people to check their mail over your favorite social media outlets.  

Otherwise, they might not even see your weekend special until two weeks later.

3 – Don’t waste their time.

The KISS principle definitely applies to emails these days.  It should be short, to the point, and upfront in an honest way about the basic offer being presented.  Someone should be able to understand it within a few seconds, without scrolling down.

If it’s more complicated than that, put a summary at the top and then invite them to read a longer version further down if they’re interested.

4 – Inspire them to take action.

Email should never be its own end.  The most effective email campaigns inspire interaction from the recipients – and usually not via more emails.  So whatever offer you’re making, it should direct them to click a link, call a number, text you, Friend or Follow you, join your WoW guild, etc.

Just get them off email and onto a venue with more features and ways of interacting.


Have any of you experimented with email lately?

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