Music Marketing and Snapchat

Music MarketingWith hundreds of millions of messages sent each day and huge popularity among users aged 13-25, Snapchat could be a great tool for your music marketing.  Have you considered adding it to your list of social outlets?

Snapchat is ephemeral even for social media:  Picture and video posts aren’t archived, and in fact can often only be seen for a matter of seconds before they vanish.  It’s been embraced by the youth thanks to this feature: it’s one of few social services where they don’t have to fear parents seeing embarrassing materials months later.

So, how can Snapchat be used in music marketing?

Reaching Out To Fans On Snapchat

1 – Very limited-time offers.

The immediacy of Snapchat gives it a live-in-the-moment feeling something like old radio used to have.  If a radio station runs a contest at 10:45 AM, only people listening get a chance to win.  The same is true of Snapchat.

If you have sufficient followers, it’s a great way to send freebies, contests, coupons, or anything else in a format that feels special and exclusive.  Only people who happen to be online when you make the offer will see it, and then it’s gone forever.

2 – Start a story.

One of Snapchat’s most interesting features is its “Our Story” mode, in which users can create an ever-growing montage of pictures and video where anyone connected to someone in the “story” can add their own materials to it.

It’s easy to see how this can be leveraged to make great viral materials with concert clips, live appearances, or any other materials.  It’s also great for getting fans involved and contributing to your act.

3 – Behind-the-scenes material. 

Snapchat is also great for creating micro-documentaries stitched together from bits and pieces of footage.  You can easily create 1-2 minute montages of recording studio material or concert setup and put them in a format where any fan can quickly digest it.  

It combines the intimacy of a “backstage spot” with the immediacy of Snapchat’s “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” attitude.


Have you tried Snapchat for your music marketing?  Share your stories!

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