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If you want to get ahead in indie music today, online music promotion is your fast track to getting you there. With physical albums quickly becoming a niche/specialty market, digital distribution and promotion is practically a requirement if you want to be a musical success.

online music promotionSongCast is here to be your partner. We offer some of the lowest and fairest rates in the industry, cutting down on the work you have to do and your out-of-pocket expenses, while speeding the release of your work across all the most popular systems.

Four Ways SongCast Delivers Premium Online Music Promotion

1 – Full music distribution access.

SongCast is already a valued partner with all of the most popular music stores online, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Beats, Spotify, and eMusic. We handle ALL the back-end work. You submit your album, we do all the rest, and your work appears across the major stores within 2-3 weeks.

2 – Simple, upfront rates.

As you can see, our pricing is completely straightforward and affordable. There’s a low $5.99 monthly fee, and then it’s only $9.99 for a single or $19.99 for an album. Depending on your pricing choices, it usually only requires a few sales for SongCast to already pay for itself.

3 – No added expenses.

Trying to get your music onto iTunes or similar services without a partner like SongCast is possible, but expensive. There are literally hundreds of dollars in necessary fees involved, if you decide to do it alone. SongCast allows online music promotion without the need to sign up for barcode access or RIAA membership.

(Although we strongly recommend our American users investigate RIAA membership, as they offer many protections for working musicians.)

4 – You keep all your rights.

SongCast does not, and will never, claim any ownership of your tracks or other IP. Period. You can walk away from SongCast at any time with no obligations, and retain full rights to your previously-published works.

It’s really that simple. SongCast streamlines the process, reduces the work for you, and makes online music distribution affordable for any indie musician. Check out our FAQ for more details!

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