Tips for Cross-promoting with Other Musicians

There are plenty of extremely talented indie artists out there. The trick to the success of these indie artists is making sure that their music is distributed and heard by the intended audience.  You want to promote your music in an effective way and cross-promotion can help. promote your music

What is Cross-Promotion Among Indie Artists?

So what is the whole idea of cross-promotion? As a basic rule of thumb, cross-promotion is when you essentially exchange promotional opportunities with other indie artists out there.  The idea here is to use each of your fan bases to grow the other’s. Think of an independent rock band that has followers that also enjoy rap music. A rap artist may be promoted on the rock band’s social media page, while the promotion is exchanged as well on the others page.  

How to Cross-Promote in a Way to Spark Growth

What are some tips that can help you from a cross-promotion perspective to promote your music?  First things first, you do not want to be obvious and force things down the throats of your fans.  Using social media in creative ways can really go a long way to efficient and effective cross-promoting. 

Twitter is a great example for cross-promotion. Sending out a tweet a few days per week about other indie artists in exchange for tweets about yourself and your own sound can really help. Even if you just chat with other indie artists via Twitter you are essentially cross-promoting.

Facebook fan pages are also tremendous tools as you can supply links to new sounds, YouTube videos, SoundCloud audio, among others. You can also share links about articles based around other indie artists as well.

Promote your music and the music of other indie bands will get everyone involved. Spotify, Amazon, iTunes are opening up the door for musicians to have their sound heard by millions. One of the best ways to enhance distribution opportunities is via cross-promotion with other artists. Using cross-promotion wisely can really enhance your image and your popularity.

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