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From the Dixie Chicks and Destiny’s Child to the Spice Girls and Wilson Phillips, there is a long line of girl bands that have made serious music history.   Need some inspiration to help your band skyrocket to the top; here are a few tips to promote your music effectively.

The dynamics of successful girl bands and boy bands are essentially the same, but we have a few extra tips for you to maximize your profits and outreach as a girl group.

Promote your music on social channels.

Spread the word about your music online and among friends, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or clips of band practice on Instagram. Set up a professional-looking website so when you send out press releases, your connections can check out your work in a few clicks (rather than a bombardment of links on the press release).

Agree on the look or image you want to exude.

Whether it’s boots, rhinestone vests and cowgirl hats, or casual dark jeans with a tee, you will want to coordinate with each member of the band. If it involves outfits, dance routines, a stance on a particular social platform or even hairstyles, you should discuss with your fellow band members what your onstage image might be.

Check in periodically to know where the band wants to go.

Is a band member considering pulling a Beyoncé and rocketing off to a solo career? Are there budgeting issues that need to be hashed out, or is there a tour in the foreseeable future? It’s important to take inventory every once in awhile to keep the band happy and set on a successful road.

Whether you are a lady duo like Maddie & Tae or a larger girl group like Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, there are plenty of opportunities to become a successful female band these days.

So, what tips do you have that you think make a girl band successful? Let us know in the comments below, and visit our SongCast blog for more tips on how to promote your music!

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