Back to School: 3 Contemporary Music Colleges


Are you looking for effective ways to refine and develop your craft? Music education at a college or university gives you a chance to learn from some of the most talented and respected members in the field. Here are three of the top contemporary music colleges in the country today.

The Juilliard School

Even people who are not involved in music recognize the name of Juilliard, the Harvard of contemporary music schools. The faculty includes a who’s-who of Pulitzer Prize, Grammy and Academy Award winners such as acclaimed trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, director of Juilliard Jazz. Students also benefit from the school’s location in New York City, the cultural capital of the United States, where they have opportunities to perform in a number of concert halls and jazz clubs.

Berklee College of Music

How could you go wrong at a school that has Mingus the Jazz Cat as its mascot? Berklee’s lengthy list of noted alumni includes popular singer-songwriter John Mayer, jazz pianist and singer Diana Krall, and producer extraordinaire Quincy Jones. This innovative school based in Boston revolves around the study and practice of contemporary music. You can earn a degree in areas such as professional music, film scoring, and electronic production and design.

Bard College Conservatory of Music

The program at Bard College believes the best musicians result from a well-rounded music education. Students graduate from the five-year program with two degrees, one in music and the other in a liberal arts field such as psychology or creative writing. The school’s scenic location in charming Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, overlooks the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains.

Music education is not only important to grow as an artist, but it allows you to stay current with the latest trends, techniques and innovations. Be sure to follow our SongCast blog, where we bring you all the news and tips you need to know.

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