Five Ways To Promote Your Music


In a perfect world, amazing music would find its own audience. In reality, creativity and moxie is imperative to promote your music to that audience. Getting your music to stand out from the crowd might seem like a daunting task. If you’re willing to put in the substantial time and hard work required, regardless of genre, it’s possible to find an audience and make it happen.

If you’re have trouble getting your music discovered, here are five great ways to promote your music:

Social Media

Social media marketing is all about telling a story. Posting studio session updates, song teasers, and pictures from live events are great ways to engage your fans. Don’t forget the spontaneous giveaways for your latest merchandise, it’s a great way to spread the word.

Your Website

Don’t neglect your website. It should reflect your brand and stay current so that when your fans check it out, they’ll find new and exciting content such as, release dates, concert tickets or merchandise.

Music Blogs

Music blogs are a great resource to promote your music and increase your fan-base. Look for blogs that already attract an audience for your music’s genre and send personal, targeted emails to the bloggers pitching your idea.

Live Music Promotion

The internet is extremely valuable but so is the old-fashioned technique of building personal relationships. Use live performances to promote your music and grow your fan base. Try finding another local band with a similar musical style and offer to do a hometown headline swap.

Email Marketing

An email list is still your most precious resource to promote your music. Use your website, sign-up sheets at live events and click-throughs on social media to gather new addresses. Send weekly, bi-weekly or monthly updates that drive your fans to your website.


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