Benefits of Being an Intern in the Music Industry


Music IndustryNowadays, a career in the music industry requires more than just raw talent. Although building a strong resume and portfolio is extremely important when job-seeking, people often don’t realize that an internship is just as crucial to land a job. Whether you want to work at a record label or in other music industry jobs, building experience through an internship can help you build your skills and jump-start your career. The following are some of the benefits you can obtain from an internship in the music industry:

1.      Hands-on experience

Even if the internship isn’t paid, the experience you get is priceless. While being an intern, you are given the stepping stones necessary to get your career started and you will learn the job by essentially being another employee in the company. Furthermore, you will gain a “real world” perspective on the job and understand the culture and etiquette within the music industry.


2.      A “Foot in the door”

When employers look for internship candidates, they look for highly motivated individuals that are eager to learn. The reason for this is that interns are potential employees–if they do well in the internship, they have a higher chance to be offered a paid position once the internship is completed


3.      Work Relationships

Make the most of your internship within the music industry to network and create solid work relationships. Not only will this help with providing you the necessary skills, but these relationships can get you a “foot in the door,” or at the very least, a reference letter you can use to apply for future jobs.


4.      A strong resume and portfolio

Internships on a resume not only show employers that you have previous experience and advanced skills, but they make you stand out from other candidates. You can also show what you did during your time by building a portfolio of your best work.


5.      A“Test Drive”

A lot of jobs look outstanding on paper, but sometimes, they can be quite the opposite. The best way to find out whether you will be happy in a job, is to experience it. An internship can give you such opportunity. You can determine whether it is or isn’t something you enjoy doing, and it can also open your eyes to different careers that you will want to pursue.


All sorts of opportunities exist in the music industry for motivated individuals. Find companies that are offering internships and get the chance to accumulate new skills, meet the right people, and obtain your dream job.

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