Create a Memorable Logo for Your Band


Creating a logo is more than just choosing a trendy image with your band’s name—it is a visual representation of everything the band stands for. A creative, unique logo is the best way to improve music marketing and build a memorable first impression. Engage a potential audience and express positive attributes to your band by following these tips on how to create the right logo.

Be Unique

No matter what business you are in, having a logo that reminds your audience of someone else, can have a negative impact.  Differentiating your logo from that of the competition, is the best way to ensure your band will not be confused with something it’s not. Remember, the key is to stand out, not to blend in.

Find your Message

Every band, company and artist have a message they want to communicate. Think about what makes your band unique. What is your target audience? Once you have an understanding of what message you want to represent, you can implement it into the design of your logo.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes the simple things are the best ones—including logos. While wanting to be quirky and unique, you also want to create a logo that looks refined, interesting and free of clutter. Take advantage of negative space and simple additions to implement smart ideas while maintaining the logo’s concept clean.

Make it Versatile

Along with simplicity, functionality should be considered when creating a logo for music marketing. It should work as effectively on an album cover and on a T-shirt, as it would on a business card, tour bus and band poster. Also, to improve versatility, make sure the logo you create will look as good in black and white as it does in color. You never know what you may be needing it for.

For more information on music marketing and how to create a memorable logo for your band, follow our SongCast blog.

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