Ear Candy Vol. 2 – Recommended Listening



Every Friday, we will be posting a blog recommending SongCast artists
that have caught our attention.  A weekly digital mixtape, of sorts.
Click the links below to stream the recommended Spotlight shows and experience True.  Music.  Discovery.

Here is your ear candy:

Hip Hop:
From Norfolk, Virginia:  Chucc Dizzle. These three tracks from the release Now Or Never will blow you away!   Check out Chucc’s website and experience indie hip hop at it’s finest!

From France:  AKUNA ART.  You will be “Crazy” about this single!  Dynamic, very well produced, polished, and tasty, this pop track will stick in your head for a long time after you stream this Pop Spotlight.  Hit the official website for the latest and purchase some tracks from this phenomenal indie artist!  Support indie music!

From Sarasota, Florida:  Horizons Fall.  Melodic but heavy, this band is modern rock at it’s finest.  Check out this Rock Spotlight and enjoy a few tracks from Horizons Fall and their release Love Is Key.

From Perth, Austrailia:  Blue Shaddy.  High energy blues, with tasty guitar, a harmonica player that is off the charts, and catchy tunes that will have you seeking out more music by this great band.  This Blues Spotlight showcases a few tracks from the Hell’s Fire release.  Check out the many videos available on You Tube and seek out material from their four excellent studio releases.  Pure, sweaty, gritty, rockin’ indie blues.  Say hello on Facebook and tell them you heard them on Spotlight!

From Billings, Montana:  PAST MARS.  This band is the true definition of “Alternative.”  Unique, unable to be put in any other genre, every listen to this band produces something new.  Check out Past Mars, we think you will become addicted to this band!

From Macon, Georgia:  ETHAN PAYNE.  This young up and coming artist has what it takes to take his music to the next level.  Great songwriting, memorable melodies, and vocals that stand up with the big boys.  Keep an eye out for Ethan Payne.

Heavy Metal:
From Janesville, Wisconsin:  BURY THE ENEMY is Power Metal that is brutal but melodic, fast, energetic, dynamic and always interesting,  Stream this Heavy Metal Spotlight and check out two tunes from the release Broken Shadows.

From San Antonio, Texas:  Sean Byrd has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and has performed with the Texas All-State Junior College Jazz Ensemble.  The first track in this Jazz Spotlight “Funky Business” showcases his bass playing prowess, while the second travels to more modern jazz territory, with seasonings of classical jazz.  The backbone is always the captivating bass playing of Sean Byrd.

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