Ear Candy Vol. 3 – Recommended Listening



Every Friday, we will be posting a blog recommending SongCast artists
that have caught our attention.  A weekly digital mixtape, of sorts.
Click the links below to stream the recommended Spotlight shows and experience True.  Music.  Discovery.

Here is your weekly ear candy:

From Kingston, Jamaica:  Check out a few tracks from reggae legend and SongCast artist JOHNNY CLARKE!  Releasing over 25 studio albums during the course of his storied career, Johnny Clarke is one of the finest reggae artists that has ever lived.  Learn more about him from his Wikipedia page and stream this Reggae Spotlight, featuring a few dubs guaranteed to fuel your reggae fire!

Hip Hop:
From California:  Check out a few tracks from JAHLEEO and the release Ghetto Manifest.  Hypnotic hooks, rhythmic rhymes and vocal diversity melt into melodic magnificence.  Check in with JAHLEEO on Facebook and mention that you experienced True Music Discovery on Spotlight, exclusively on SongCast!

From London:  You must crank this Rock Spotlight featuring The Dust Coda.  Intense, straight forward, powerful rock.  Hit their website and say hello over on Facebook.

From Arkansas:  Stream the soulful blues and soaring guitar of AKEEM KEMP, a gifted singer/songwriter, who is poised to make a serious name for himself in the world of blues/rock.  If you like the blues, you will love AKEEM KEMP.  Check out this video for “Sneaking Out” on YouTube.

From Toronto:  Stream this Pop Spotlight featuring AVRIL VICTORIA and recently released music from the EP Little White Lies.  Great vocals, great songwriting, excellent indie pop!!!

From The Netherlands:  Stream this sonic smack in the face from THE APERS.  Formed in 1996, they have played over 700 shows all over Europe and the USA.  Loud, gritty, in your face, and unrelenting, crank up THE APERS and enjoy some musical mayhem from the release Confetti On The Floor.  Try not to “Break Stuff,” when listening to the song of the same name!

From Florida:  SIMPLE SOUTHERN BOYS.  This band began in Central Florida in 2004. They describe their blend of country and southern rock as “Swamp Rock.”  Jump into the swamp, splash around, and “Party In The Country” with Simple Southern Boys!

Heavy Metal:
From Sweden:  You MUST crank up AGONIZE THE SERPENT.  Fast and technical, menacing and melodic, this metalcore monster from Sweden has a uniqueness and heaviness all it’s own.  This featured track “Through The Unknown” is a must for all metalheads.

From Queensland, Austrailia:  Check out a few tracks from NOXIS and the release Look Over There.  Etheral, but upbeat, Noxis combines fascinating composition with tasty production to create unique and memorable material.

From Monterrey, Mexico:  Stream two tracks from DJ CRAZY J RODRIGUEZ and elevate your mood!  Your entire body will become engulfed with tasty grooves!

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