Ear Candy Vol. 5 – Recommended Listening




Here is our weekly digital mixtape of SongCast indie artists that we think you should check out.  Click the links below to stream the recommended Spotlight shows and experience
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Here is your weekly ear candy:

Hip Hop:
From Oakland, California:  Check out the rhyming magic of RodneyG.  Rodney has been producing music since the age of 12.  This is his first release.  We are proud to have RodneyG as part of our SongCast family!

From Chicago, Illinois:  Stream this Rock Spotlight and check out three tracks from Darryl Markette.  View some excellent videos on his You Tube Channel and say hello over on Facebook.

From Florida:  Peggy March is a pop music icon.  She has lived in many parts of the world and experienced musical success in many countries.  Her song “I Will Follow Him” went to #1 on the U.S. charts and she still holds the record of the youngest female to ever top the U.S. charts, at age 15.  That song also topped the charts in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, and Scandinavia.  Stream this Pop Spotlight and enjoy a master of her craft, a legendary musician that is still writing and producing top quality material.

From Eliz, Jamiaca:  Shocking Murray.  SongCast is THE choice for scores of reggae artists hailing from Jamaica.  The Reggae Spotlight showcases many of these incredible artists, including Shocking Murray.   Stream this Reggae Spotlight to enjoy a track from the release One Up Riddim.

From Germany:  SonicTan is modern jazz, with exquisite guitar work and tasty, dynamic arrangements.   Stream this Jazz Spotlight and check out a few tunes from the release Fonk Me Up!

Heavy Metal:
From Sweden:  Fatal Smile churns out melodic, old school, fist pumping metal.  SongCast is proud to distribute releases from  the GMR Music Group.  Check out their website and their roster of amazing artists and stream this Metal Spotlight for three tracks from Fatal Smile and their release 21st Century Freaks.

From Bloomfield, New Jersey:  The alternative genre encompasses music that is original, hard to categorize, and appeals to fans of many types of music.  Singer, Songwriter and music teacher Kerry Anderson provides such music.  She has a golden voice.  Her music is moody, emotional, soul searching and phenomenal.  Her acoustic guitar arrangements accent her voice, serving as a music extension to the emotive lyrics.  Stream this Alternative Spotlight and experience three songs from here release SidewaysCheck out this video of Kerry performing the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden and visit her website for the latest news in her continuing musical journey.

From New York:  Hit the play button on this Electronic Spotlight and immerse yourself into the world of DJ Tony Harder.  This innovative artist provides captivating, upbeat electronica that is ever changing, beats that are body encompassing, sonic sculptures of epic proportions.  Enjoy these three tracks from the release Techno Relapse.

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