Ear Candy Vol 9 – Recommended Listening



Here is our weekly digital mixtape of SongCast indie artists that we think you should check out.
Click the links below to stream the recommended Spotlight shows and experience
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Here is your weekly ear candy:

Hip Hop:
From New York City:  Rattle your rib cage and crank up some beats from Queens Bridge Mobb.  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and check into the Great lyrical skill, excellent flow, pinpoint timing & delivery, and intelligent content all encased within the powerful, personality of Queens Bridge Mobb. You will love this track from the release Raaddrr-Van Classic Cassette Singles.

From Huntsville, Alabama:  Jimmy Speed is grungy, gritty, grinding, and groovin’.  Stream this Rock Spotlight and blast three songs from the release Nothing But A Dream. 

Heavy Metal:
From Dallas, Texas:  Progressive, challenging, heavy and melodic, this band encompasses all things metallic.  Euphony is in your face and demands your attnetion.  Their self titled release rages with precision, crushes with complexity, and sonically slaughters.   Stream this Metal Spotlight and feel the angst, revel in the rebellion, and never look back!

From London, EnglandSinger Blue & The Dubateers provide traditional reggae with modern lyrics and addicting beats.  Stream this Reggae Spotlight and give thanks for a pair of tracks from the release Do Jah Works.

From Toronto, Canada:  Upbeat and energetic, delightful and delectable, Dana Jean Phoenix will captivate you with her polished pop music and smooth vocals.  Check out her website, stream this Pop Spotlight and dance around a few tracks from the release Dirty Schooz.

From Calhoun City, Georgia:  Ace Canon is a legendary indie sax player!  Ace has been inducted into the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame and the Rock And Soul Hall Of Fame!  Check out his Wikipedia page!  Stream This Blues Spotlight for a trio of great tracks from the release The Cannon Explosion. 

From United Kingdom:  The Vocoders churn out beats that engulf your soul.  You body will submit to the groove and you will become enthralled with their excellence!  Stream this Dance Spotlight and check out a pair of tunes from the release Let’s Get Freaky!

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