Ear Candy Vol. 12 – The Magic of Indie Music



Here is our weekly digital mixtape of SongCast indie artists that we think you should check out.
Click the links below to stream the recommended Spotlight shows and experience
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Here is your weekly ear candy:

From Rio De Janeiro:  Alfredo Dias Gomes is an epic drummer, who surrounds himself with stellar talent.  A perfect example of the amazing artists we feature from all areas of the world.  Stream this Jazz Spotlight and enjoy a few tracks from the release Corona Borealis.

From Navasota, “The Blues Capital of Texas.” Randy Pavlock is a self-taught and multi-dimensional guitarist, singer, songwriter, recording artist, and engineer and has played along side of musical icons such as Paul Rogers, Tommy Shannon, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and many more.  Stream this Blues Spotlight and check into some driving and dynamic blues from the lone star state!

South Africa:  The roster of artists distributed by SongCast spans the globe.  We touch down in South Africa for a pair of hypnotic tracks from 1000Kings.  Stream this Dance Spotlight and watch your body get taken over by the pleasing and pulsing rhythms of this incredible indie artist.

Hip Hop:
From Amarillo, Texas:  Quon is a prolific artist, with more than 50 tracks available online.  Featuring complex, but memorable musical arrangements with vocal tracks perfectly interwoven into the magical mix of indie beats.  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and step into the radically rewarding world of Quon.

From Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Are you ready for Funkomanation?  Warped R&B, combined with rock and a few other things that defy gravity!  Original, twisting, turning, meandering, memorable rock.  This band oozes an indie vibe.  I could listen to them all day.  Stream this Rock Spotlight and you will agree.

Heavy Metal:
Coventry, England:  Scream Blue Murder are technically precise, manic, yet melodic, frantic and furious.  Check out the band’s great You Tube videos and stream this Metal Spotlight for three tunes that will leave you wanting more.

From Chicago, Illinois:  The dynamic vocals of BabiDoll will grab your attention.  Her vocal arrangements are powerful, unique and  mesmerizing.  Babidoll invents her own style of R&B and flavors it with emotionally driven performances that are phenomenal.  Stream this R&B Spotlight and experience a whole new take on R&B.

From Glendale, Arizona:   David E Farmer provides a very unique electronic landscape, shaping old school rhythms and bass guitar riffs, with jazzy keyboards and ever changing arrangements.  Meandering from funk, into jazz, with a accent of new age, immerse yourself in this Electronic Spotlight and experience a trio of tracks from the release Digital Doxology.

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