Ear Candy Vol. 13 – Excellent Indie Music!



Here is our weekly digital mixtape of SongCast indie artists that we think you should check out.
Click the links below to stream the recommended Spotlight shows and experience
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Here is your weekly ear candy:

Hip Hop:
From New York City:  God Part III is part of the Queensbridge New York City group of rappers called the Infamous Mobb.   Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and check out some beats from the release Chemical Imbalance.

From Macclesfield, England:  Ben Gorb provides no nonsense, upbeat, traditional rock.  Layered vocals compliment a wall of guitars.  Stream this Rock Spotlight and crank up a few tracks from the release Part Of Me.

From Houston, Texas:  Anacarina redefines pop.  She formulates the genre into her own world, unique, tempting, alluring, fresh and exciting.  Her unique arrangements will make you pay attention!  Stream this Pop Spotlight and introduce yourself to the wonderful world of Anacarina and a few tracks from her release Soot Covered Soul.

From Antwerp, Belgium:  Moonshine Reunion call their brand of country-fried music “Drunkabilly!”  We call it a lot of fun.  Stream this Country Spotlight and see what we are talking about.  See what you have been missing!

From Detroit, Michigan:  The Bugs Beddow Band blends the blessings of blues and jazz, creating a sound all their own.  Stream this Jazz Spotlight and enjoy a trio of tracks from the release Yuda Man.

Heavy Metal:
Northern Ireland:  The throbbing, pulsating metallic rhythms of Eyes See Blind will rattle your rig cage and have you raging and moshing until the music ends or someone pulls the plug!  Stream this Metal Spotlight and slam to a pair of tunes from the release You’ll Never Kill The Tide.

Las Vegas:  Skorge will mesmerize you with infectious rhythms.  Skorge will get you moving with delectable, trance-like dance.  Stream this Electronic Spotlight and let the sin city seduction begin!

From Kingston Jamaica:  Inzpiration rhymes like lightning, his grooves will take over your aura and be a panacea to your existence.  Stream this Reggae Spotlight and enjoy a few tracks from his release Reel Life.

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