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Here is our weekly digital mixtape of SongCast indie artists that we think you should check out.
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Here is your weekly ear candy:

Hip Hop:
From Waco, Texas:  Slugga Black defines indie hip hop.  Uncensored, unfiltered, SB carves his own path through body twisting grooves, slammin’ beats, and wicked rhymes.  First rate production makes this Hip Hop Spotlight one you do not want to miss!

From Brisbane, Australia:  Bella Marie is a very talented and young performer, who has surrounded herself with music her entire life.  Her youthful energy is combined with a seasoned voice and a talent for songwriting.  Stream this Pop Spotlight and check out some indie pop that is every bit as good as anything you would find in a major label.

From Southampton, England:  If you like your rock gritty, loud, boisterous, in your face, and unrelenting, you will LOVE The Black Bullets!  No holes barred, slimy, filthy, nasty rock with an attitude!  Stream this Rock Spotlight and crank up a few tunes from the release Bulletproof.  Be warned, your soul may need a shower afterward.

From Raikor, Gujarat India:  DJ Musti layers beats so think, they enter every level of your soul.  Your aura will sway with the ethereal vibe, your subconscious will begin to soar, your body will smile and move to the music. Stream this Dance Spotlight and turn every ounce of your being onto DJ Musti.    

Heavy Metal:
From Nottingham, England:  Earthtone9 set the English press on fire with their heavy and tasteful debut in the late 90s.  Since then, they have earned praise from mainstream metal press such as Metal Hammer and Kerrang!  Stream this Metal Spotlight and see what the fuss is about.  You’ll agree with music reviewers all around the world who think this metal band is great!!

From Yuma Arizona:  Steeped in traditional country music, with flavorings of blues and jazz, Slick Nickel is original, fresh, and unforgettable.  Stream this Country Spotlight and get a line dance going to a few tracks from the release 120 in the shade.

From Denton, Texas:  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the big band sounds of The Mark Withers Orchestra.  Mark Withers is a graduate of the University of North Texas Jazz Program. After graduation he performed and arranged for a number of well known artists.  Stream this Jazz Spotlight to hear a few tracks from the release Old Memories and experience indie jazz at it’s best!

Easy Listening:
From London, England:  Mike Haywood takes you back to the good ol’ days.  The days of Sinatra, of Nat King Cole, of days when crooners had a warmth and welcoming timbre to their lyrics that made you feel as if they were singing just to you.  Stream this Easy Listening Spotlight and warm up to three tracks from the release All of Me.

New Age:
Melbourne, Australia:  Under the dictionary definition of “soothing” there should be a link to the music of Christopher Lloyd Clarke.  The transformative properties of his music can take you from a stressed state and cover you with warmth.  I describe his music as a pleasurable panacea.  Stream this New Age Spotlight and let his music add some tranquility to your day.

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