Ear Candy Vol 21 – Satisfy Your Soul!


Photo by Joe Kleon

Here is your weekly digital mixtape of recommended SongCast artists that we think you should check out.  Share this blog and give the gift of music to your friends and family.

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Here is your weekly ear candy:

Hip Hop:
Republic Of The Congo:  BK64 began exploring music at age 12.  By 2007, it became a full time occupation and obsession.  Stream This Hip Hop Spotlight and check out three tracks from the release The Ship.

Durant, Mississippi:  Jimi Jameson is a legend.  The vocalist and frontman for Survivor, the writer and performer of the theme from Baywatch, and a prolific and acclaimed songwriter, Jamison will always be remembered for his warm, soulful vocals.  Stream this Rock Spotlight and immerse yourself in the world of a rock icon.

Huntsville, Alabama:  The Beatslinger dishes out infectious beats, smooth, sexy vocals, hooks that take hold and never let go, and rhythms that engulf your body.  Stream this Pop Spotlight and enjoy music from the release Chains And Roses. 

Kingston, Jamaica:  Saleen resides in the heart of reggae.  Her smooth and powerful, uplifting vocals resonate with a spiritual aura.  Stream this Reggae Spotlight and experience the power and passion of Saleen.

London, England:  Belle Cannon grew up in a musical family.  She traveled from England to Nashville to record her release Rewind for BelleJar Records. Stream this Country Spotlight to hear a unique twist on the genre, intertwining Country and Pop with elements of Bluegrass.

Columbia, South Carolina:  Sam “Bassman” Jenkins graduated from college with a minor in Music. While in school, he spent many years performing with the renowned Benedict Gospel Choir, The USC School of Music, and the S.C. Philharmonic Orchestra.  Stream this Jazz Spotlight and enjoy the smooth jazz and tasty bass on the release Journey. 

Washington DC:  Acclimate yourself with CommonbonD, the acclaimed acoustic partnership of Mary Beth de Pompa and Ashley Miller and their eclectic blend of blues-edged folk/rock.  Stream this Singer/Songwriter Spotlight and enjoy a few tracks from the release Super Elastic Acoustic Plastic.

Buffalo, New York:  Soothe your soul and experience uplifting music from Shannon Louise Carter.  Stream this Christian/Gospel Spotlight and enjoy music from the release A Song In The Night:  The Worship Experience. 

Planet, NY:  Someone has to mess with those annoying telemarketers!  Damn Telemarketers do just that, turning the tides on this telephone tyrants and adding some warped wonder to their boring existence!!  Stream this Comedy Spotlight and enjoy hearing telemarketers squirm!

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