Ear Candy Vol 22: Give The Gift of Indie Music!


Ear Candy Vol 22:  Give The Gift of Indie Music!

Photo by Joe Kleon

Here is your weekly digital mixtape of recommended SongCast artists that we think you should check out.  Share this blog and give the gift of music to your friends and family.

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Here is your weekly ear candy:

Hip Hop:
Indianapolis:  Born in South Africa, now kickin’ it in Indiana, Yung JB brings a unique perspective to his arrangements and beats and mixes it with superb vocal prowess, separating and elevating him from his peers.  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and jam a trio of tunes from the release Mama Told Me.

Parts Unknown:  SecondSon hails from nowhere and everywhere alike.  They seek to learn, to teach, to love, to bleed.  They seek the truth and the lies that create it.  They want the world but will settle for the sky.  Stream This Rock Spotlight and enjoy the straight forward, driving melodies of SecondSon and the release Open Your Eyes.

Australia:  The Whiteliners are what I have coined as “hillbilly bop and roll!”  Combining country, rockabilly, truckin’ songs, old time, rock & roll, western swing, and a pan pipe or two, this is a great example of an indie band that is redefining the genre.  Stream this Country Spotlight and enjoy three tracks straight from the outback!

Heavy Metal:
Orange County, California:  SongCast is proud to distribute labels such as Blasphemour Records and their brutal and talented roster of unique, heavy, indie artists.  Werewolf Congress is dark, angry, pissed off, and brutal.  They are unrelenting, with a melodic twist that gives a modern metalcore flavoring to this extreme outfit.  Open your windows, crack up this Heavy Metal Spotlight, and watch your neighbors lose their minds!!

Lithuania:  MaRa is a great example of pure indie talent.  The joy of making music is prevalent in every note of this electronic musical masterpiece.  Dynamic, danceable, and delectable, Steam this Electronic Spotlight and envelop yourself in electronica!

Louisville, Kentucky:  St. John’s Wort has a new therapeutic use!  This groovin’ old school sounding dance outfit will rattle your rib cage to the rhythms of funky, retro, rock.  Stream this Dance Spotlight and your whole body will be movin’ before you know it!

Corona, California:  Best known as Guitar Guy from The Jeff Dunham Show, Brian Haner has toured the world with his warped brand of musical comedy.  The family genes are packed with melodic DNA, as Brian’s Son is Synyster Gates from the metal monsters Avenged Sevenfold.  Stream this Comedy Spotlight and familiarize yourself with a legendary comedy classic, “Fistfight In The Wafflehouse.”  The video for this song on You Tube is a must see!

Easy Listening:
Australia:  This isn’t your Grandfather’s Easy Listening!  Conn O’Neill provides music that is very easy to listen to and appealing to all demographics.  The friendly and intimate nature of Conn’s vocal delivery will make you think you are engaged in a satisfying conversation with a life long friend.  Stream this Easy Listening Spotlight and enjoy a reboot of this genre.

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