Ear Candy Vol 23:  True.  Music.  Discovery.

Here is your weekly digital mixtape of recommended SongCast artists that we think you should check out.  Share this blog and give the gift of music to your friends and family.

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Here is your weekly ear candy:

Hip Hop:
Virginia Beach:  SwagMoneyMovement is an indie artist on the rise.  Spilling out lighting fast rhymes over top of well produced grooves, this hard working indie artist just gets better and better.  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and get on the latest track from this indie artist on the move.

London, England:  Eve Of Poison are turning heads with their dark brand of modern gothic rock.  Remaining fluid, they are always exploring new ideas and incorporating new elements into their music.   Stream this Rock Spotlight and join London rock fans in your appreciation of this great indie band.

Heavy Metal:
Italy:  The extreme power metal of Round 7 achieves a level of intensity that few bands can reach.  Galloping, intense rhythms and angst ridden vocals, mixed together with a melodic madness I have rarely experienced.  Stream this Heavy Metal Spotlight and check out an indie band that takes this genre and makes it all their own.

Raleigh, North Carolina:  Perry Fain has been playing guitar since the age of 6.  A self-taught musician, Perry’s gift that blossomed in his youth and has  taken him to venues in Europe as well as in the U.S.  Stream this Jazz Spotlight and turn yourself on to the sweet jazzy guitar abilities of this North Carolina legend.

Brecksville, Ohio:  Todd Tobias creates enthralling instrumental soundscapes that are layered with tasty elements and flavored with melodic magic.  Stream this Instrumental Spotlight and experience instrumental music that is both original and extremely well done.

Orlando, Florida:  DJ Ali will get your blood pumpin’, your feet moving, your soul soaring!  Upbeat, aura-arousing, auditory excellence is what awaits you when you stream this Electronic Spotlight.  Move your body to tunes from Timeless: A Musical Repertoire.

Boston, Mass:  Thomas Anderson was born to create music.
As a musician through the years Thomas has recorded several original CDs, traveled as a performer on cruise ships, won a lyricist award from ASCAP, had multiple tracks used in films and TV, and continues to entertain around his home city of Boston, MA.   Stream this Singer/Songwriter Spotlight and enjoy a few tracks from the release A Beautiful Trip.

New Age:
New South Wales:  David R Broughton brings forward a new approach on New Age music. Far from just cascading, ambient waves pt sound, David adds a mastery of musical composition to create soundscapes that ebb and flow with the dynamics of the ocean.  Stream this New Age Spotlight and sail away to the soundtrack of a release called Ascendance.

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